Welcome to Jardins Domaine Decelles!

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About Us

Welcome to Jardins Domaine Decelles!

Jardin Domaine Decelles 50 minutes from Ottawa. A sustainable, peaceful and enthusiastic Garden

About Us


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Welcome to Jardins Domaine Decelles

Perfectly located on the still shores of an immense lake, Jardins Domaine Decelles is your destination for a peaceful moment outside of the bustle of daily life. Only a scenic 50-minute drive from Ottawa, this is the perfect opportunity to get into gardening and reconecting with nature by digging with your hands in the dirt and start your own planting journey. With professionell guidance and workshops you can participate in hands-on gardening activities and learn about sustainable gardening! With a focus on education, community building, and sustainable living, Jardins Domaine Decelles is an enriching and fulfilling experience for all visitors!